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Life Buoy Life Ring

Inflatable Life Buoy

Product Model:ZHAQQZD

This inflatable life buoy consists of outer shell, TPU air
chamber, auto inflation device and co2 cylinder Betore use, the components
are all in outer shell. There is an intake in one side of the life buoy, and the other side is screwed by the nut. There is also a 30 meters rope which can be connected to the lite buoy quickly and safely.
When found drowning people can throw the safety buoy beside the drowning people. When immersing into water, safety buoy will inflate into a
buoy whinin five seconds and float above water. The drowning people can
be saved by catching the inflated life buoy which keeps the drowning
floating above water. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy throwing, high lifesaving ratio and it's suitable for lifesaving requirements in emergent situation.

Main technical parameters:
1)Weight: <0.6kg; 
3)Inflation time:≤5s;
4)Buoyancy loss after 24h:≤5%; 
5)CO2 Weight: 17g; 
6)Float duration:≥24h;
7)Ambient temperature for use:-30℃~+65℃;
8)Validity: 3 years

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