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Marine life jacket

Inflatable Bullet ProofLife-saving Vest

Product Model:ZHGQY(B)ZD-V

The product is a bulletproof vest with automatically
(or manually) inflatable air chamber. When falling into water, ZHGQY
(B)ZD-v type can be automatically or manually inflated within 5 seconds
(ZHGQY(B)SD-V type can be manually inflated only. Thus lifesaving
purpose is achieved. It is an ideal lifesaving and bulletproof product for
the armed police and anti-smuggling officers when working on river
and sea

Main technical parameters: 
3)Inflation time: 5s, 
4)Float Duration: 24h; 
5)Buoyancy loss after 24h:≤5%; 
6)CO2 weight: 22g; 
7)Ambient temperature for use:-30℃~+65℃;
8)Validity:3 years
Product Details