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Product Model:ZHAQYKZD-ΙΙ

ZHAQYKZD-ΙΙ type of inflatable inflatable rain pants (referred to as “flatty rain pants”), the product has obtained CCS product inspection
certificate from China Classification Society. It is assembled from an inflatable top and waterproof rain pants by connecting plastic
sockets.The inflatable top is composed of a nylon cloth composite TPU air chamber, an automatic inflator, a CO 2  gas cylinder, a mouth
blowing air tube and an outer garment sleeve. The waterproof rain pants are made of waterproof material, and the hem of the trousers is shackled to facilitate the wearing of the people of different heights. It is suitable for use by the fishing vessel operators during the pulling
operation, and can prevent the water on the fishing net from damping the clothes. In the emergency situation of falling into the water, the
automatic inflator can inflate the air chamber within 5 seconds, or pull the manual rope to inflate the air chamber and form buoyancy to
ensure the safety of the drowning personnel. Inflatable tops can also be used separately from waterproof rain pants.
Product Details
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