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Life Buoy Life Ring


Product Model:ZHAQBZD

The emergency inflatable lifebuoy has obtained the CCS product inspection certificate from China Classification Society. It is mainly composed of an outer box, a nylon cloth composite TPU air chamber, an automatic aeration device, a mouth blowing air tube and a CO2 gas storage bottle. Before use, the exterior image is a rectangular pencil case, and the manual inflatable drawstring is exposed to the outside.
When in use, it is only necessary to fix the outer box to the belt. There are two ways to fix the outer box, one is to insert the metal buckle directly on the belt, and the other is to fix the belt through the belt hole.
The lifebuoy is an automatic inflatable type, and can also be manually inflated. After being in contact with water, it can automatically inflate and expand within 5 seconds to form a horseshoe-shaped lifebuoy, which plays a role of lifesaving.
The mouth blowing air tube is used for qi and deflation. If the floating time in the water is too long and the gas in the air chamber is insufficient, the air may be blown by the mouth to supplement the air. After the lifebuoy is inflated, to release the gas in the air chamber, press the fingertip on the check valve spool of the mouth blowing pipe, and press down to release the air.
This product is small in size, light in weight, easy to use, and has high life-saving efficiency. It is suitable for all kinds of water navigation ship operations, river fishing, and personal leisure emergency rescue needs. It is an ideal emergency life-saving product.
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