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Marine life jacket

Marine lifejackets for ships

Product Model:ZHCGQY

Performance features and structure

Ship offshore operation life jacket is a combination of the inherent buoyancy and the opening of the mouth and the manual inflation. Heart type lifejacket mainly for sea Yangjian sailing, inland fishing operations personnel a personal use Rescue equipment.

Ship operations at sea by cardigan jacket type structure, the main cotton vest bag, Air bag, manual pneumatic device, carbon dioxide bottle, Whistle Flute,reflective film, lithium battery indicator Etal.

Ship operations at sea life jackets made of nylon orange TPU composite cloth bag, bag and other major cotton Material. Equipped with a gas hose,manual pneumatic device, carbon dioxide cylinder, lithium battery Position indicating lamp, emergency whistle, salvage sling attachments, with buoyancy,light weight, suitability Strong, safe, floating, rescue 

Ship operations at sea buoyancy is 15.5 kg(7.5kg of kapok buoyancy sac, Auxiliary inflatable filling operation buoyancy 8kg). After wearing the water can automatically flip 5 seconds, and in Back 20.50 degrees, the mouth is 12 cm higher than the satety of floating state

The life jacket on the ship at sea is fast, and does not affect the operation. 6 meters high vertical Fall into the water, the life jacket is not damaged, do not harm the human body 24 hours of buoyancy is not greater than 5%.
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