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Marine life jacket

Working Lifejacket for Fishing Vessel

Product Model:ZHAQFYZD

Working Lifejacket for Fishing Vessel personal life-saving equipment for marine fishing and inland fishing operations.

Product overview:
Set rain, wind, warmth, life-saving as a whole, the air chamber which is made of TPU nylon composite material, With abrasion resistance, oil, high tensile strength and good sealing characteristics, waterproof jacket for the high permeability nylon composite fabric, with rain, wind, ventilation, breathable, quickdrying, etc., particularly for the inspection of governmental departments and participate in flood fighting and rescue, disaster relief, border security, the Customs anti-smuggling, marine navigation fishermen fishing operations, the Yangtze river, lakes, outdoor sports, tourism, recreation, fishing and sightseeing.

It is need not to wear the raincoats and life jackets when put on the multi-functional protective clothing , it has the advantages of light weight .small volume,comfortable to wear .easy to use.it ia suitable for all kinds of operation personal on the offshore to lifesaving usd ,it is also use for personal protective sportswear.

Main Technical Parameters

Product Details