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Marine fire signal

Lifebuoy Self-Lighting

Product Model:QCYD15-2-2

The seawater lifebuoy does not need to be equipped with a battery itself. It has a ready-made seawater battery. It can be used directly after buying it. The seawater lifebuoy light is attached to the lifebuoy. When the lamp encounters the seawater and opens the water inlet cover, the lifebuoy light can automatically light up. Can be used multiple times until the battery is dead.

The lifebuoy self-lighting device is a positioning device equipped on the lifebuoy, which is suitable for indicating the position of the lifebuoy at sea at the time of the ship's water drop and rescue personnel to achieve the purpose of rapid rescue.

This product complies with relevant requirements of SOLAs 74/96, LSA stipulation and it is MSC. 218(82) amendment and MSC. 81(70) lifesaving equipment standards. It is accredited by ce certificate issued by germanischer Llyod AG, approved by China Classification Society(CCS)It is used to indicate the position
of lifebuoy at sea at day and night.
Main technical parameters: 
1)Luminous color: orange; 
2)Burning time::≥15min
3)Luminous intensity:≥2cd; 
4)Duration of lighting:≥2h; 
5)Ambient temperature foruse and storage:-30℃~+65℃;
6)Validity:3 years.

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