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Marine fire signal

Handheld Flame Signal

Product Model:HGY60-15000

The hand-held flame signal is also called the signal torch, the hand-held signal, the hand-held torch signal, and the life-saving signal torch.

Holding a flame signal, as the name implies, is a life-saving product that can be hand-held with a flame signal.

This product complies with relevant requirements of SOLAS 74/96, LSA stipulation and it is MSC. 218(82) amendment and MSC. 81(70)lifesaving equipment standards. It is accredited by ce certificate issued by
Germanischer Llyod AG, approved by China Classification Society(CCs)and the Register of shipping of the People's Republic of China.
It is used for leading safe landing of ships and vessels, liferaft; offshore platform
signaling and indicating position
Main technical parameters: 
1)Luminous color: red; 
2)Luminous intensity:≥15,000cd; 
3)Burning time:≥ 60s; 
4)Ambient temperature for use and storage: -30℃~+65℃;
5)Validity:3 years

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