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With the floor space of 30,000m2 and total asset of RMB 80,000, 000Yuan, Ningbo Zhenhua Life-saving Equipment Co, Ltd was founded in 1986 and now specializes in research and development, production and sale of lifesaving equipment. It is located in Xiangshan Harbor at East China Seashore with surrounding of convenient transportation. The company has 400 employees and among them are 50 junior and senior engineers and managements. With ten years research and development, it has developed and produced lifejacket of two series(yoke and vest series)and total six varieties, various kinds of inflatable liferafts and sea life-saving series of pyrotechnic signals etc. The company advocates the concept "Technology first, quality first, customer first' all the time and strengthens internal management by setting up product inspection and test center. By this means the qualification ratio of lifesaving products reaches to 100%. The company obtains ISo9001 Quality certificates and its products are successively approved by China Classification Society, Register of Fishing Vessel of the People's Republic of China, CE from Germanischer Llyod AG. The automatic inflation device and air chamber acquire patent of utility model and the patent No are ZL200420090271 2 and ZL2004200231563 The company drafted out the trade standard of JT346-2004 marine Inflatable lifejacket" with Wuhan Rules Research Institute of Ministry of Communication of the People's Republic of China and the standard implemented on September 1, 2004. The performance of its inflatable lifejackets have achieved to or surpassed similar international products, The products have the advantages of small size, light weight, fast inflation, big buoyancy, omfort, easily taking along, easy store, convenient and reliable using, high lifesaving ratio etc. They are widely used for ship's sailing, inland fishing The performance of its inflatable liferaft applicable international, domestic voyage for emergency rescue use, it is the best reliable lifesaving products for sailors and fish men

Besides selling in Chinese port cities, its products export to America, France, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Saudi Arabic, Korea, Japan etc and enjoy good reputation from customers