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The company, adhering to the values of "pursuit of excellence and entrepreneurship," aims at "building a first-class domestic brand", and achieves a high sense of responsibility and mission to the customers, the product, the work and the society, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, and strive to create first-class products, first-class service and first-class reputation. Society, the effective state:.

In accordance with the principle of "technology leading, quality, safety and reliability," the company has established the IS09001 quality system, the IS014001 environment department and the 0HSAS18001 occupational health and safety system, and the design, process, manufacturing, testing, supply, sales, service, environment, safety, health and other links, and "people". Every quality factor of the machine, material, law, ring and measurement extends to all levels of the quality management of the enterprise, which runs through the whole process of production and management, and fully embodies the overall quality, the participation of all members, the whole process management, and the effective control of the quality of the products.

By deepening the overall quality management, the company conscientiously implements the responsibility system of quality engineers, and actively implements the "product quality monitoring and management measures", so that the quality of the product is responsible for the continuous improvement of the quality of the products. The company holds "quality month" year activities, strengthen quality training and quality publicity work, improve staff's quality awareness, quality knowledge and quality skills, vigorously promote the quality culture of "quality is human quality", improve the quality consciousness of the staff, conscientiously abide by the quality management regulations, and actively maintain the quality of the products.